“Art of Appreciation begins with Self Appreciation” — A story of my Self Appreciation

This is important to every Software developer to get the appreciation from their Management or Client side to get boost on their Career.

Getting appreciation in front of their co-workers in an occasion, is more inspiration than getting monetary benefit in the Bank.

But, as an Engineer, if I don’t have it from the society, I’ve to create it and dedicate to myself. By doing this, I am appreciating my heart and brain which are functioning for that growth.

From last ten days, the people from Born posting their appreciation certificates on LinkedIn. This creating interest on me to provide the certificate for me.

Here I am giving the following certificates of myself to appreciate myself.

Best Workflow Engineer Award

When I am working for a Canada based client, I have a good freedom of exploring multiple workflow engine. From a good manager, I found a nice and my favourite Python based workflow engine Dagster. There I explored a lot and created a wonderful backend engine to support the business.

Clean Coder Award

When I started my career as a PHP Developer, I didn’t aware of this word CLEAN CODE . Later, I realize the importance of it and started writing the code with proper doc_string and the error_handling .

Good Chatbot Builder

When I started my career in Chatbot building, the challenge was on Natural Language Processing. The Amazon Web Services (AWS) tool helped me a lot to build it in easy way and I’ve integrated that on the Chatbots and built Chatbots on Amazon Alexa & OK Google for World’s top branding companies.


While, I am appreciating myself, this is definitely a TEAM WORK! I am thanking my co-workers and the Management for my growth.

Yes I believe that I am growing!

» 6+ years of experience in Data engineering, Dashboard designing » 3+ years of experience in Web application development